Another venerable tradition of products from sandals to curtains made from palm, straw, hemp, and other such materials

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Fabric Products

From the plant kingdom

Products plucked from the plant kingdom abound on Minorca, with materials including palm, straw, reeds, bulrushes, wicker, asphodel, hemp, esparto grass, and agave. From these come baskets, bags, hampers, rubbish bins, blinds, string chairs, curtains, hats, espadrilles, and perhaps the best known of all, sandals. It's a craft that has been handed down from generation to generation, back into time immemorial. Of course, the pool of craftsmen skilled in this particular genre has been dwindling with the passage of time, but there are still some left - and an outstanding one is Francesc Pons Coll, with a workshop on Maó's Carrer Sant Manuel, who is happy to introduce newbies to this venerable tradition.

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