A sweet tradition stretching back centuries, and still present in various local dishes

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Minorcan Honey

Honey, honey, how you thrill me

The sweet, golden, gooey goodness that comes to us from bees has a long provenance on this island - documented as gifts to the royal court, for example, in the 15th century, but likely long established even then. Back in the day, Minorcan honey was a luxury product, coveted by monarchs and aristocrats, and not surprisingly has over the centuries found its way into a good number of local dishes, such as honey eggplant, sobrassada sausage in honey, and cuscussó (bread with honey, toasted almond, and cinammon, served for pudding). You'll find these served all over the island, but perhaps the best and widest variety can be found in downtown Maó, along with jars of honey that make lovely gifts or souvenirs.

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