Authentic burgers in New York

The less known the establishment, the better the burgers. Let your instinct guide you here for a tasty treat.

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Authentic burgers in New York

Secret burgers.

There is a secret to burger eating in this city: the more hidden the locale, the better the burgers. Hundreds of burger joints line the streets, and each one has its own charm. If you are looking for a really authentic burger, try to avoid the big restaurants. If you come across a little door at the bottom of some steps, or a neon ‘burger’ sign, make a note of it for dinner. One great ‘hidden’ option is the Burger Joint inside Le Parker Meridien on 57th Street. Don’t be put off by the luxurious hotel, as this burger joint really does live up to its name and is very popular among New Yorkers. Another option is Paul’s Burgers at 131 on Second Avenue, which is less hidden but still retains the same modest, urban charm.

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