Look familiar? This old suspension bridge is one of the most filmed and photographed bridges in the world.

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Brooklyn Bridge


A stroll across this bridge is the perfect way to finish off a day in the city. Among the many bridges in Manhattan, this is without a doubt the most emblematic, for various reasons. For starters, it was the world’s first suspension bridge, inaugurated in 1883. Since then, its image has been immortalised in hundreds of films and photographs. The best way to see it is to combine it with a visit to the Lower Manhattan area. Its west side will connect you to the Brooklyn neighbourhood in the east, and is only a short walk from the Wall Street zone. The best way to visit is to take a stroll along the upper walkways late afternoon. Try not to look behind you as you walk almost two kilometres, to save the view you are leaving for the end. Retrace your steps back over the bridge and marvel at the unique view of the city at sunset.

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