Art Deco in its purest form.

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Chrysler Building

Honourable skyscrapers.

This building is in pride of place among the New York skyscrapers. It is located at the intersection of Lexington and 42nd Street, but the best way to see it is from afar, at different points in the city. Inside, you are only able to visit its foyer, which is drenched in the building’s elegance and class. However, its exterior is its main attraction. A prime example and icon of Art Deco, the Chrysler Building is a monument in itself. Today, it is the third tallest skyscraper in New York, but was the tallest in its time at 320 metres. However, its success was rapidly overshadowed by the Stock Market Crash and later by the Empire State Building. Nonetheless, it is still one of the most important pieces of architecture, attracting artists from all over the world. When observing it, you will notice its famous dome and the gargoyles and other adornments on the lower floors.

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