Don't miss out on traditional food, country music and an all-American atmosphere.

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Hill Country Bar

One hundred per cent American.

At 30th and 26th Street (this is how locations are described in New York), you will find the Hill Country Bar, one of the most all-American places you will ever find. This is a bar and restaurant that offers live music, and a trip here at night is highly recommended. Its ground floor is an unusual hybrid of bar and restaurant, which also acts as a concert hall, and is filled with huge tables to sit at and dine whilst enjoying some of the city’s best live country music. Upstairs, you can choose the type and amount of meat you would like them to grill for you, but watch how much you order! The food is delicious, but extremely filling. We recommend the ribs that are served with a variety of sauces, while they serenade you with Tom Petty’s ‘American girl’. Could you get any more American?

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