Climb onto the Intrepid, enter the Growler submarine and observe the Concorde. You'll have a grand old time!

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Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

A dose of original entertainment.

At Pier 86, to the west of Manhattan, you will find a totally different kind of museum. The nature of this museum, along with its impressive appearance, makes it one of a kind in the world. You will see an aircraft carrier, which is where your visit begins. Aboard the Intrepid, you will discover its chaotic history and the layout of this vessel, from the control bridge to its holds. After this visit, the museum takes you into the old Growler submarine. This is possibly one of the most impressive parts of the visit, due to the narrow and stifling space that the occupants had to live in. You will then go back outside to see the legendary Concorde. This famous plane, capable of crossing the sound barrier, is exhibited here, providing visitors an opportunity to explore its interior. This museum is without a doubt one of the most unique and entertaining attractions that New York has to offer.

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