Journey through the port of New York

Don't miss out on this journey. On a sunny day, you'll truly enjoy it.

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Journey through the port of New York

Agradable paseo.

If you are here on a sunny day, this outing is one of the most pleasant ways of experiencing Manhattan. It starts at Ground Zero, where the Twin Towers once stood before the 9/11 attacks, and St. Paul’s Church, which served as a place of refuge after the attacks and is now a museum, which commemorates those lost on September 11th. From here, you can walk along the bank of the River Hudson and see spectacular views of the river, the Statue of Liberty and New Jersey on one side, and New York’s Financial District on the other. This will lead you across Wall Street to Battery Park, which is brimming with restaurants offering a place to sit, relax and marvel at the huge boats coming in and out on one side, and the Brooklyn Bridge on the other.

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