An Italian air to the city of skyscrapers. The essence of Italy lives on in the Big apple.

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Little Italy


A stroll through Little Italy (also known as ‘Nolita’) is like taking a stroll through New York in the 1900s, as its streets have been preserved over time. This is where a large number of Italian emigrants who fled to America in the 19th and 20th century lived. They took refuge in this neighbourhood, which occupies part of the central zone and almost reached the financial district between Broadway and Bowery. Once you enter this neighbourhood, the majority of the noise and dizzying rhythm of the city suddenly wanes, and you are drawn into this little world of streets lined with cafés and restaurants, where you can sit on a terrace and watch people stroll peacefully by. The Italian-American population has mostly left this neighbourhood now, but it still preserves the atmosphere of days gone by, just like Chinatown. To the north, next to Houston Street, you can see how this neighbourhood blends now blends with Manhattan.

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