Many people work in Manhattan and sleep in New Jersey, including none other than Bruce Springsteen!

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New Jersey

The commuter state.

New Jersey is the adjacent state to New York, but it is so close that it has become a commuter city to the capital of the world. Every day, thousands of people cross the River Hudson to come and work in Manhattan. Thousands of people also cross in the other direction to visit the city! Tourism has become a very important part of New Jersey’s economy, particularly in the summer, when many Americans and foreigners flock to its beaches to escape from the stifling heat of the city. Many famous artists come from this city and still have a house here, such as rock superstar Bruce Springsteen, who still resides here. Crowds of inquisitive fans visit his old house on West End Court Street, where he is said to have written his famous album, ‘Born to Run’ in 1975.

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