The capital of the world is the perfect location for the UN headquarters, don't you think?

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The UN

The United Nations.

It won’t take you long to realise why this city is the capital of the world. Its streets see a vast array of people and cultures, making it the perfect location for this organisation. To visit, take a metro to Grand Central Station, or a bus to the intersection of First Avenue and 44th Street. The first thing you need to know is that, upon arrival, you are no longer on American soil. Just like embassies, the zone that the headquarters occupies is considered international soil. Here you will find one of the most interesting guided tours the city has to offer, with the added bonus of having fewer crowds. This tour allows you to explore a large part of the main building, as well as the popular Assembly Hall. After this visit, you will have gained in-depth knowledge of its important and dynamic history, as well as how it functions.

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