The constant hustle and bustle of Times Square is proof that New York never sleeps.

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Times Square

Unique and unsurpassable charm.

Welcome to the city that never sleeps. Visit this square any day, at any time, if you aren’t sure what to do with yourself. You may feel as though you have already been here, as its image is world famous. Once you get here, you’ll understand why its hustle and bustle, with its unique charm, is its main attraction. Just stopping here to feel the rhythm of the city and its passers-by is an experience in itself. Almost everything you could wish for is within reach here, such as shops and street performances by day and restaurants and theatre by night. At sunset, its legendary lights and neon signs illuminate the square. This is the starting point to any other part of the city, connecting Broadway with Seventh Avenue, the supposed nucleus of the city and popular thoroughfare.

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