Watching the New York Knicks play is like watching a great show. If possible, try to get tickets to a game and you'll be amazed!

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If you’re a sports fan, you mustn’t miss out on a chance to watch a basketball game in its birthplace. There are several places to enjoy a game of top-level basketball in New York. If you can, get tickets to see the New York Knicks, who are the local and most followed NBA team in the city. Their home is Madison Square Garden, which is one of the most important courts in the world. The NBA league runs from October to around April, and you can buy tickets at the stadium itself. If you have time, try to book tickets several days in advance for the best seats. Once you enter, prepare to witness the New Yorkers’ passion for this sport, from the supporters to the cheerleaders who entertain the crowd at timeouts.

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