An interesting angle on Salvadoran history from an aviation perspective.

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National Museum of Aviation

A feast for aviation geeks at a former airport.

If you're a true aviation geek, by all means hie thee hither, way out to the onetime Ilopango airport east of the city. The National Aviation Museum now occupies an area of more than 1,900 square metres (about a half acre) here, with a huge and enviable exhibit that reviews more than 70 years of aviation history in El Salvador, from fighter jets to cargo planes to helicopters all impeccably preserved. A number of these, of course, are military, with several playing important roles in the civil war or the four-day conflict with Honduras in 1969 (dubbed by some "the Football War"). There are also plenty of informational displays and exhibits with everything from newspaper clippings to antique engines. It actually offers a pretty interesting angle on the country's history and development. Closed Monday.

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