A stalwart of San Salvador's Zona Rosa, good for a Mexican meal or just soaking up a festive time with the locals.

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Tequilas Bar & Botanas

A popular spot great for starting off a night out.

As night falls, head toward the Boulevard de los Héroes and then Avenida Sisimiles - this is the Zona Rosa, where much of San Salvador's top nightlife is centred (you'll recognise it by the vibe and the number of people you start seeing on the streets, especially if it's a Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening). As a first stop, Tequilas Bar & Botanas is perfect. If you haven't already had dinner, ask for a table and have at it - the Mexican food is pretty good. If not, just order a drink - no, it doesn't have to be tequila! - and get into the fun atmosphere, full of festive locals enjoying a night out (in fact, if you get here later at night, perhaps a bit too full).

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