The Museum of the Three Pasiego Villages in Vega de Pas

Discover all the Pasiego charm in an 18th-century hermitage.

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The Museum of the Three Pasiego Villages in Vega de Pas

At the heart of Vega del Pas.

Pasiegos represent one of the strongest and most important cultures in the identity of Cantabria. They are famous for their pastries, 'quesadas', 'sobaos' and ice cream. The typical buildings are ancient cabins. There is no better way to learn about the region's customs than to visit the 'Museo de las Tres Villas Pasiegas'. The three villages in question are Vega de Pas, San Roque de Riomiera and San Pedro del Romeral. This ethnographic museum is located in Vega de Pas, just over fifty kilometres from Santander. It is housed in the 18th-century Hermitage of San Antonio. You will learn all about everyday life in the region throughout time.

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