Discover the sculpture of four children by the sea.

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Los Raqueros

Typical Santander characters.

The kids who roamed the port trying to survive by begging or pickpocketing at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th were called 'raqueros'. They were typical characters in the city of Santander. Today they are immortalised in a sculpture by José Cobo Calderón: four children positioned by the sea, one of whom is about to dive in. If you read the plaque, you will discover the sad meaning of the scene: children used to dive in these waters in search of coins that passers-by would throw them. You will be struck by how real it looks. The work is from 1999 and is made in bronze. It is located on the seafront promenade near the Santander Royal Yacht Club.

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