The gardens at Pereda Promenade

From the Post Office to Puertochico, this historic and beautiful promenade is the most characteristic of the city. Enjoy!

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The gardens at Pereda Promenade

A stroll through Santander.

The Pereda Gardens are one of Santander’s most characteristic places. They begin at the Post building and stretch to Puertochico, the area in which the city’s port begins. This is one of the most beautiful areas, as well as one of Santander’s most historic places, as it was one of the only parts that survived the great fire that destroyed the city in 1941. It is therefore a collection of buildings that date back to the 18th century, all the way up to the 20th century. Perhaps the most iconic is the Santander Bank building, with its archway that leads into the city. Javier Gonzalez de Riancho designed it, but its famous adornments on the archway were made by Planes. This park honours the memory of Santander writer Jose Maria de Pereda, who lived in this neighbourhood. He is said to have witnessed the famous fire of Machichaco across this street, and it was from this lookout point that he wrote his work titled Machichaco, as he watched the fire blaze.

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