Built in granite masonry, a great example of Baroque architecture.

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Casa da Parra

An historic building of great beauty

This is one of the most iconic buildings of downtown Santiago, a monumental Baroque pile created in the late seventeenth century by renowned Galician architect Domingo de Andrade. The Casa da Parra is centrally located in the Praza de Quintana, a few steps from the cathedral, and is easily recognizable for its typically Galician granite masonry and tiled roof. Throughout the twentieth century various reforms added the top floor and the beautiful balustrade that crowns the façade, thus giving the building an even more majestic appearance. Take note of the carved balcony supports and its famous chimney, one of its best-known elements. Today, the Casa da Parra primarily houses exhibitions of Galician artists, and can be visited from Tuesday to Saturday.

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