Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Located in the vastness of the Obradoiro, Santiago's cathedral will overwhelm your senses.

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Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Mythical, legendary, awe-inspiring

It was in the ninth century when construction began on one of the most spectacular temples in Christendom, a cathedral through which every year thousands and thousands of people pass to pay their respects to the great patron of Spain, whose tomb is below the altar. What makes it special? For starters, its different façades executed in architectural styles such as Baroque or Romanesque, and the perfect grandeur of its interior. Perhaps the best known is the Obradoiro façade facing the square, especially when it's illuminated at night. No less striking is the twelfth-century Romanesque Portico of Glory, with its myriad details and sculptures of the evangelists and St. James himself. Its importance is such that in 1985 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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