Three adjectives define it: simple, informal and elegant.

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Don Gaiferos Restaurant

Historical place and name

The name of this famous restaurant comes from Don William X of Aquitaine, a pilgrim who died in the mid-twelfth century in the Cathedral of Santiago during the Good Friday services. Given the religious beliefs of the time, many thought it was a miracle that he died in the cathedral on such an important date; thereafter he was known as Don Gaiferos of Mormaltán. The restaurant itself is both casual and simple, but with a certain base of elegance that can't be ignored. Located in the heart of the old town, it opened in the 1970s and since then has become one of the classics of the Galician capital. The traditional menu focuses on delicious recipes such as pickled mussels, sirloin of beef, octopus á feira or broiled seafood and fish, combining Galician cuisine with more international dishes. Its raw material is excellent as its extensive wine list featuring the regions of Bierzo, Toro or Rioja.

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