Here you will see many of his works and unusual personal belongings.

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Eugenio Granell Foundation Museum

A fabulous and versatile artist

Over the years, Eugenio Fernandez Granell has become one of the most important cultural figures of the twentieth century in Galicia, a versatile artist who embraced such diverse disciplines as writing, poetry and painting. Although born in A Coruña, he spent his childhood in Santiago, a city that significantly marked his work; he was in fact named adopted son of the city in 1997. Granell was a surrealist painter who came to rub shoulders with geniuses like Breton and Duchamp, and this foundation disseminates his work: here you can enjoy some of his oils , drawings and sculptures, as well as others by colleagues such as Copley, Miró and Lam. You can also see many objects that he collected in Latin America and the United States, and sometimes, attend scheduled chamber concerts and theatrical performances. The museum is housed in the beautiful eighteenth-century Pazo de Bendaña building.

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