A Galician alcoholic potion laden with spells and rituals. One drink you'll never forget!

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Galician Queimada

Toads and witches…

This is an alcoholic beverage that you can only find in Galicia, made mainly with brandy and sugar, which is set on fire as part of the process. But the best part of the queimada is not its particular flavor, but how it's prepared: according to tradition, a ritual to protect from evil spirits is performed by reciting a spell. In Santiago, queimada and live music nights are held regularly, spell included, of course. Lar das Meigas, for example, organizes and entertains with traditional folk music; admission is 10 €. Also, this restaurant also offers other thematic events related to wine, literature or music. Few things you will find so typically Galician as queimada, so do not miss it; nights of magic are waiting for you.

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