Two avant garde towers that break with Santiago's ancient architecture.

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Hejduk towers

New architectural airs

Naturally, as was the case with contemporary cuisine, there is also room in Santiago for avant-garde architecture as a counterpoint to all the historic buildings that are spread around the city. The Hedjuk Towers, named for their designer, New York architect John Hejduk, are one of the most striking features of the recent City of Culture of Galicia's capital. Hejduk designed these towers for Belvis park, but passed away in 2002 before he could complete your project; however, his friend and fellow architect Peter Eisenman included them in the Gaiás complex, where they are currently located. Two symmetrical prisms 66 feet high gradually taper as they reach for the sky, offering a striking contrast: one of the towers is clad in stone, the other in glass. It's a remarkable gateway to modern Santiago de Compostela.

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