Thousands of people pass through this door every Jubilee Year.

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Holy Door or Door of Forgiveness

A unique experience

Passing through this door is a privilege that not everyone can enjoy, so feel lucky indeed if you get to experience it. The reason? It opens only on the eve of Jubilee years (December 31), i.e., when the Feast of St. James (July 25) will fall on a Sunday; then it's open during the following twelve months of that Holy Year. It's located in the rear of the Cathedral, and you'll find long queues of pilgrims and visitors arriving from all over Spain, Europe and the world, eager to cross its threshhold and embrace the Apostle St. James. However, it's not the original door, which is now inside the cathedral. The Door of Forgiveness is the one closest to the famous steps in front of the temple. It is also known as the Gate of the 27 Elders due to the figures along its sides: 24 Lords of Revelation, an apostle and two disciples.

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