How about a tart or some truffles to sweeten the day?

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La Perla Bakery

Your mouth will water, guaranteed!

It would be a crime indeed to leave Santiago without sampling some of its more traditional desserts. A very sweet recommendation? At La Perla Bakery, your mouth will water before you even set food inside, as the window display features heavenly delicacies straight out of your dreams. The name ("the Pearl") is no accident: these are veritable gems for the palate. The most typical dessert of the capital of Galicia is the famous Tart of Santiago, a delicate confection made with almonds, eggs and sugar that will captivate even the most demanding tastes. Trust us: you'll end up taking (at least) one with you to continue enjoying at home. Also well-known are the pedras (rocks) of Santiago, traditional chocolate and almond truffles. Yum!

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