Mercedes Mora Bakery

Traditional + Modern = Delicious.

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Mercedes Mora Bakery

Gourmet sweets for gourmands

Another of the legendary bakeries that you must make a point to visit at some point, either to test their exquisite products, or to take home some sweet memories. The Mercedes Mora Bakery on Villar Street in the center is one of the oldest in Santiago, with all that that entails: tradition, craftsmanship and the very finest products. You'll enjoy their "brazos gitanos" (Swiss rolls), their pies, their meringues, their famous stuffed biscuits or chocolates, an almost infinite variety; and you can buy to take away or enjoy their sweets on site, as they have a café inside serving hot chocolate and different kinds of coffee as well. Since reopening in 2007, they have also incorporated new recipes, combining the traditional with the more modern for a truly sublime result. A recommendation? Ask for Bagoas de Compostela, a sweet walnut and egg yolk confection you'll want to try again and again. Want to bet?

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