Impressive centuries-old religious art and artifacts. Simply spectacular.

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Museum of Sacred Art

Unparalleled religious relics

Whether or not you're religious, don't miss this gem located on one side of the Plaza de Quintana in the Baroque former Monastery of San Pelayo, the beautiful building that houses the Museum of Sacred Art of the Galician capital in the heart of the city. The collection of centuries-old art on display inside is nothing short of spectacular. with a remarkable diversity of paintings, documents, archaeological remains, ornaments, sculptures, gold artifacts and countless relics that will astound you. Particularly noteworthy: the figure of Christ dating from the thirteenth century, the altar that once accompanied the Apostle James' sarcophagus, and a 1610 edition of the Rule of St. Benedict, a unique and truly valuable copy. To access the museum you must walk through the church on the Via Sacra.

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