Novo Millennio Dolmen

Simple, bright lines in this sculpture by the great Silverio Rivas.

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Novo Millennio Dolmen

Allegory between two eras

Inaugurated in 2000 on the occasion of Santiago being named European Capital of Culture, this peculiar sculpture is located at Music Park, opposite the city auditorium. The New Millennium Dolmen is a creation of multifaceted Galician artist Silverio Rivas, one of the best known in the region, who gives a nod to the future embodied in the new century through a work of art inspired by prehistory. Not surprisingly, in Breton 'dolmen' means 'big stone table'. This allegorical mixture of time periods is made of granite, the Galician stone par excellence, and shows simple, clear lines in three columns whose intense illumination sets up a striking contrast with the surrounding greenery. Getting here will not be difficult due to its very central location.

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