A quirky eatery with top-tier culinary offerings. Try the daily prix fixe menu.

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O Dezaseis Restaurant

Mmmm! Finger-licking good!

This restaurant is among the most peculiar you will find in Santiago, what with its roof emulating vineyards and rough stone walls that make you think you're in a village. O Dezaseis is the place to go if you want to feel satisfied, as you get excellent value for your money: exquisite fish dishes average 13€, meat about 14€, and if it's tapas and light fare you're looking for, you'll pay between 5 and 14€, with a good range of options: the famous Galician pork (pink meat from the leg), stuffed eggplant, a salad of monkfish, prawn turnovers... all of these are always safe bets. Also, if you prefer, there's a prix-fixe menu of the day. A personal recommendation? Leave room for dessert, they're fabulous!

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