Undoubtedly the most photographed person in the Galician capital.

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Sculpture of Valle-Inclán

A tribute to the great writer

Galicia has produced many renowned authors in the history of Spanish literature, and perhaps one of the most beloved is Ramón María del Valle Inclán, known for his long beard and for being one of the best representatives of the modernist style. The sculpture, unveiled in 1999, was cast in bronze by sculptor César Lombera. It pays a sincere tribute to the author right in the area where he liked to contemplate the beauty of the cathedral, and is placed on one of the benches of the Alameda Park on the Promenade of Lions; this means that people can actually sit by the author, who has thus become the most photographed character in the Galician capital. Did you ever imagine taking a selfie with a writer born in the nineteenth century?

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