Symbolism and spirituality in a very special place for pilgrims.

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The Fountain of Wishes

Want to return to Santiago de Compostela?

Actually, not a fountain as you might expect, but rather a kind of small pond with a metal spout hidden among plants. Still, its charm cannot be denied. It's located on the corner of a courtyard created for pilgrims who want to visit the cathedral to leave their backpacks, as they cannot be taken inside. The best part? The symbolism and spiritual aura the place has had for so many years. On an adjacent wall a sign reads 'If you want to return to Compostela, you must drink from the fountain.' You'll not find a better way to swear undying love for this beautiful city. And if you believe in wishes, throw a coin into the fountain and ask for what you want most. But be careful, it may just come true...

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