Statues immortalizing the two most famous sisters in Santiago.

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The Two Marys

Long live Maruxa and Coralia!

A true symbol of the city, these two much-loved bronze statues by sculptor César Lombera in Alameda Park have quite an interesting story: "The Two Marys" were two eccentric sisters who, during the 50s and 60s, would stroll through the historic center of Santiago wearing quirky costumes and heavy makeup to flirt with the young university students who hung out in the capital (something women most certainly did not do back then). Interestingly, they always did so at lunchtime, when the street would be packed with students; this is why they were also known as "The Two O'clockers." The sisters became so well known that eventually the writer Xosé Rivadulla Corcón made a documentary about them.

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