Not a few locals have chosen their career because of this tree.

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Tree of knowledge

A fun legend.

In 1911 Spanish writer Pio Baroja published the novel 'The Tree of Knowledge', which tells the life of Andres Hurtado, a medical student disappointed by the education he receives. Santiago also has its own Tree of Knowledge, located on the side of the Pazo de San Xerome palace, at the beginning of Franco street and facing the Cathedral. Obviously, there is no physical tree as such, rather a flat iron tree with hanging branches showing names of different careers and fields: astronomy, philosophy, science, art, biology, mathematics ... It's always been said that the student who doesn't know what career to follow should stand with his back to the tree and point back with his finger to find his future role. This is such a popular stop that the tree had to be covered with glass for protection.

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