A traditional pub for enjoying 'tapas' in a characteristic district of Seville.

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Álvaro Peregil

An authentic Andalusian pub.

The 'Santa Cruz' district, which attracts attention for its narrow streets and white houses is one of the most important districts in Seville, and here is where you'll find this traditional Andalusian pub called 'Alvaro Peregil', which opened its doors at the end of 2008. You'll see that there are several 'Tabernas Peregil' (or Peregil pubs) in Seville, which are tapas bars. In these pubs, you can taste 'huevos rotos' (type of fried egg), 'alcachofas' (artichokes), 'tortilla de camarones' (shrimp omellettes) or 'tapas'. The 'Alvaro Peregil' pub is decorated with a fair amount of Sevillian 'azulejos' (or tiles) which are hand-painted by the ceramist, Manuel Ruíz Gil. These bars open every day until midnight. Don't miss them!

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