Any time of the day is good to visit this bar and to enjoy one of its wines.

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Bar Las Teresas

A typical bar.

This typical, local and traditional bar is full of hanging legs of cured ham and walls full of photos and tiles. You'll find it on the 'calle' (street) named 'Santa Teresa', in the district of 'Santa Cruz' which is full of mazes and narrow streets. In this bar 'Las Teresas', you can either go for a delicious breakfast, a dish of their traditional cuisine or go for a drink. It's ideal to go here either in the morning, for lunch, dinner or to have a drink. Dating back to 1870, this ground floor is very well preserved considering the years that have gone by. In fact, it used to be a grocery shop which was later turned into an off license and then it became the café/bar 'Las Teresas' in 1971. Don't leave without tasting their red and white wines with some tasty, cured Iberian ham!

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