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Casa Robles

Excellent food quality.

Casa Robles was founded by Juan Robles back in 1954. Prior to being a restaurant, this building was a wine shop that gradually evolved until it became a wine shop/bar, and then in 1964, it transformed into what we see today - a restaurant with top quality produce. The cuisine at the 'Casa Robles' restaurant mixes Mediterranean and international food, but Andalusian cuisine always plays the main role in here. The best thing to do is come and try some of their dishes: 'Caña de lomo' (pork loin), 'ventresca de atún' (tuna steaks), 'salmorejo' (tomato and bread pureé) or 'presa ibérica' (shoulder of Iberian pork) which is basically the meat of an Iberian pig. The average price is approximately 30 €. Everything deserves to be tasted here! 'Casa Robles' has now become one of Seville's classic restaurants.

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