Catedral de Sevilla

The first obligatory stop in the city for its history, interior and bell tower.

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Catedral de Sevilla

A mixture of styles and periods.

This cathedral is officially named 'Catedral de Santa María de la Sede de Sevilla' (Cathedral of Santa Maria of the See of Seville). Since it took more than 100 years to build, this cathedral has been through several architectural periods: mudejar, Renaissance, Gothic, Baroque and neoclassic. In the 12th century, it was a Grand Almohad Mosque from the Almohad era, and nowadays it's the largest catholic and Gothic cathedral in the world. Its bell tower known as the 'Giralda' is very famous and this is the only element of the mosque which has been preserved. It's also an interesting fact that this cathedral has the mortal remains of 'Cristóbal Colón' (Christopher Columbus) and 'Alfonso X el Sabio' (Alfonso X of Castile), among others. This cathedral is a must-visit for its history, as well as its grandeur and extraordinary architecture. The cathedral has different opening times in winter and summer and may be visited during the whole year. General admission costs 8 €.

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