This market is located in the same place where an old 'lonja' (or traditional market) used to be and you'll find the city's craft work in here.

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El Postigo

Sevillian crafts for your souvenirs.

If you like crafts, this is one of the markets that you should visit during your stay in the city. The 'Postigo' market is situated in what used to be a traditional market. The place has been gathering and selling crafts for more than 30 years, and it also has a small space for works by Sevillian artists. You'll find the 'Postigo' near the cathedral, in the central district of 'Arenal'. Don't be surprised if you don't find a typical market, this is a shop of several floors which is well taken care of and decorated in Andalusian style with an interior patio full of geraniums. It's a fantastic place to buy gifts as you can buy pots, pictures, necklaces, sculptures etc. Go and buy some pieces in this market!

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