You must visit this celebration at some time during your life to get caught up in its spirit.

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Feria de Abril

Celebration par excellence.

This is the big fair in Seville and one of Spain's most famous traditional celebrations, which is only celebrated once a year. If you happen to be visiting the Andalusian city during the month of April, you must experience the Seville Fair to fall in love with its music, its dancing and its food! 'La Feria de Abril' was born in 1847 as a livestock fair, but it has nothing has to do with the same 19th-century fair nowadays. People really treat this traditional fair as a big occasion by dressing up in traditional Andalusian suits; the men wear traditional country attire and the ladies put on flamenco or gypsy-style dresses. You will see carriages and 'casetas' (stalls) and although the majority of these are private, there are some public ones too. The 'Feria de Abril' lasts for a week. Maybe you'll be in Seville for this really heartfelt celebration.

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