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The most famous bell tower.

It's the bell tower of Seville Cathedral and this is the only piece that's preserved from the ancient mosque of the end of the 12th century that used to stand where the cathedral is today. Several parts of the 'Giralda' can be distinguished and starting from the bottom, you have the carillon; on top of this is the “clock section", then the " well section" that has a Biblical inscription; “the stars section”, “the cannon section” with spherical stones, “the feather” and “the large earthenware jar”, where the sculpture of the vane is, and the famous “Giraldillo”. The latter is the sculpture of a female which crowns the Giralda and was made between 1566 and 1568. Don't leave Seville without going up the 'Giralda', via the interior ramps! The visiting hours coincide with those of the cathedral and depend on the time of the year.

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