As well as a viewpoint, this structure is home to a market where you'll find all kinds of food.

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Mercado de la Encarnación

Under the mushrooms.

The futuristic and innovative structure that stands in the 'plaza de la Encarnación', which is commonly known as "Las Setas" (The Mushrooms), accommodates various shops on the lower part which make them the ideal place for local shopping. If you're staying in a flat or a holiday apartment, this place is ideal to do your small food shopping. The professionals of this market have always been loyal to this place and have been located here in this plaza for around 37 years. They've been through all kinds of changes, including the construction of the 'Metropol Parasol' monument around which they are located at the base of the structure. The 'plaza de Abastos' at the 'Mercado de La Encarnación' market has around 40 shops in which you'll find stalls that are exclusively dedicated to cheese, fish, vegetables and typical agricultural products, among others. If you come to see the 'Metropol Parasol', don't forget to visit the market!

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