Traditional products and gourmet shops for you to have a look round and buy something from the area.

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Mercado del Arenal

Your traditional everyday shops.

In the district of 'Arenal', on the street of 'calle Pastor y Landero', you'll find a building that has many arches, and it's here where the famous 'Mercado del Arenal' is located, which is one of Seville's most central markets. In this market, you'll find regular shops where Sevillians go to do their daily shopping, but there are also several delicatessen shops that are worth visiting to buy some exclusive products. The 'Mercado del Arenal', which was completed in 1947, has a lot of history considering that it used to be a monastery named 'convento de Nuestra Señora del Pópulo', and then it was subsequently made into a prison known as 'cárcel de Pópulo'. Among its historical past of monks and prisoners, this popular market opened in which you can go shopping, as well as enjoy some delicious tapas.

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