Even if you're not interested in archaeology, come along to this museum and you'll learn many things about the area!

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Museo Arqueológico

The most important findings.

Whether you're a fan of all things modern, or if you're an antiques lover, Seville has museums for everyone. This museum is devoted to discoveries of ancient art: the 'Museo Arqueológico de Sevilla' (Archaeological Museum of Seville). It was first located in the prestigious setting of the 'Alcázar', but the collection was transferred in 1875 to what was the monastery named 'Convento de la Merced'. Among the collections, you can find special works, as well as numerous treasures such as 'El Carambolo' (gold and ceramic pieces) and those of 'Ébora' and 'Mairena'. On the museum's tour, you'll go round its hall for prehistoric objects that date back to the year 2500 BC; the Protohistory hall and another which is dedicated to the Roman world that's located on the main floor. Enjoy your visit!

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