Everyone knows that Flamenco is an art that deserves a museum like this one.

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Museo del Baile Flamenco

A very special museum in the city.

Flamenco is an art and a dance which originated in Andalusia, and this art form has also spread extensively on an international level. With the importance that Flamenco has had in history and that it continues to have nowadays, Seville had to have a museum that was destined for this art. The 'museo del Baile Flamenco' was founded in a building that dates back to the 18th century and it stands on the pillars of what used to be a Roman temple, in the district of 'Santa Cruz'. Besides this, you'll find several rooms that will show you the evolution of the dance, featuring artists such as Sara Baras, Antonio Gades and Carmen Amaya. In other rooms, you can see paintings, sculptures and photographs dedicated to the flamenco world. The dancer, Cristina Hoyos, artistically promotes the 'museo del Baile Flamenco', besides directing the museum.

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