The 'Plaza' in the 'Alcázares' will show you some of city's charms without having to move.

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Patio de Banderas

A courtyard in the city.

This plaza is located in the area of the 'Reales Alcázares'. In addition to being small, this courtyard is protected by several low, surrounding buildings that seem to hide it in some way. Seeing as this plaza seems more like a communal residents courtyard than a plaza, it's possible to see some of the city's symbolic views from the 'Patio de Banderas' and you can see the top part of the 'Giralda' and the cathedral, for example. Next to the plaza, there's an arch through which you can access the 'Alcázar' and this leads to a hallway known as 'El Apeadero', or you can also enter the district of 'Santa Cruz' from this plaza. As an interesting fact, some of the houses that you see here used to be home to very important and famous people such as the painter, Valeriano Bécquer, and the writer, Fernán Caballero.

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