Make a stop and have something in this traditional 'tapas' bar.

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Patio San Eloy

A 'tapas' bar.

An ideal place for having a snack or to have lunch. The place isn't wonderful, but the food certainly is. It's a typical pit stop bar with its bar culture and legs of ham hung around and it's somewhere to try tasty 'tapas' that can be served either hot or cold. This place has a couple of steps or stands where people sit down to enjoy their food and wine. Order your dish or tapa at the bar and take it to the tiled stairs! Sometimes this place becomes so full that it seems like a terrace full of people who are about to see a show. You'll find several 'Patios San Eloy' bars in Seville and the most central are in the districts of 'El Arenal', Santa Cruz and Triana. They are easy to recognize because they all have large painted tiles of a flamenco design with the name 'El Patio' outside. If you're looking for a tasty and cheap place to eat - don't miss it!

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