While you're in the 'Maria Luisa Park', come along to see this square which is surrounded by important buildings.

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Plaza de América

A main square.

This square was built for the Ibero-American Exposition in Seville during 1929. 'Plaza de América', which was designed by the Sevillian architect, Aníbal González, is right next to the park named 'parque de María Luisa'. The nice thing about this square, besides its atmosphere and palm trees, is that it's surrounded by three impressive buildings: the 'Museo de las Artes y Costumbres Populares' (Museum of Arts and Traditions, which used to be the Mudéjar pavilion), where you will see that it has facilities for making ceramics; the 'Pabellón Real' (Royal Pavilion), and the 'Museo Arqueológico' (Archaeological Museum). The square also has a couple of roundabouts that are interesting to see and these are dedicated to several famous people. Go and discover 'Plaza de América'!

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