With a long history, this bridge is the link for two very unique districts.

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Puente de Triana

The crossing to Triana.

Triana Bridge is the popular name for the 'Puente de Isabel II' (Elizabeth II Bridge). The two French engineers, Ferdinand Bennetot and Gustavo Steinacher, were responsible for the construction of the new Triana Bridge that was built with iron and stone between 1845 and 1852. This bridge replaced the previous one named 'puente de Barcas'. It's purpose in the old town is to cross the Guadalquivir River and link the districts of 'El Arenal' and 'Triana'. In its day, it was the oldest iron bridge that was preserved in Spain and it's very nice to see this 7-metre tall bridge from a distance in order to observe it's ironwork. Either at night or during the day, Triana Bridge has its own charm.

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