This work by Calatrava is the Expo symbol that was celebrated in the city.

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Puente del Alamillo

The entrance to 'Cartuja'.

This bridge was inaugurated in 1992, which was the same year as the Seville Expo '92, and it was designed by the architect, Santiago Calatrava. With its 250 metres in length, the purpose of the 'puente del Alamillo' was to give access to the island of 'La Cartuja', where the Expo '92 was held. The 'puente de Calatrava' (Calatrava Bridge) as it's commonly known, looks like a kind of white triangle from a distance set over the Guadalquivir River. The initial idea was to build two cable-stayed bridges with one identical bridge facing the other, but the budget didn't stretch to make two of the same, which is why only one bridge was made in the end.

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